A renowned clown from the province of San Juan - Argentina, who was a part of the iconic trio of clowns known as Taco, Taquito, and Tacony. After years of unwavering commitment to the circus arts, in 1964, he made the momentous decision to co-found Circus Tacony, alongside his son Salvador Lopez Junior and his daughter-in-law Nelly Carmen Rodriguez.

Salvador Lopez - Steven A Lopez’s Great Grandfather Artis and Entrepreneur
In the picuture, Salvador Lopez founder of Circus Taconhhy , Steven A Lopez’s Great Grandfather.
San Juan-Argentina 1964.
In the picture, Salvador Lopez founder of Circus Taconhy, Steven A Lopez's Great Grandfather.

Continuing in the proud circus tradition, Dario Alfredo Lopez, (the son of Salvador Junior and Nelly) with his wife Carina Viviana Selva, gained recognition for their captivating Malambo and dy trapeze performance gracing illustrious stages such as Circus Vargas in the USA.

Dario Lopez and Carina Viviana Selva Circus Vargas-Program 1989.

Throughout the years, under the leadership of Dario Lopez and Carina Selva, Circus Taconhy achieved remarkable prominence in the industry, extending its reach to significant cities, including Mar del Plata.

Circo Taconhy - Mar del Plata, Argentina 2005.

Currently, the Taconhy company is under the capable leadership of Steven Lopez, a figure with a profound legacy in the circus arts. During his formative years, he garnered substantial recognition as an artist, marked by his participation in the Circus Festival in 2004, and a crowning achievement in the form of the prestigious Golden Lighthouse Award in Mar del Plata in 2008, all attributed to his remarkable juggling performance.

Steven Lopez "I want to be the most famous juggles in the world" Diario de Cuyo Newspaper - July 8th, 2000.

Circus Festival - Buenos Aires Argentina 2004.
Golden lighthouse award - Mar del Plata Argentina 2008.

Daniela Mercado, a fifth-generation circus performer and accomplished trapeze artist from the Vitale-Spinella family, carries a legacy. Her grandparents were the visionaries behind Circus Los Andes and Circus Fantasias in Argentina. In 2010, destiny brought her into contact with Steven Lopez, and together they embarked on a journey with Circus Taconhy, charting their unique path in the world of circus.

Circo Taconhy - Mendoza Argentina 2012

Circo Taconhy - Mendoza Argentina 2013

Circo Taconhy - La Rioja Argentina 2014
Circo Taconhy - San Juan Argentina 2015

In the year 2015, Steven Lopez, ni collaboration with his family, embarked on the creation of a groundbreaking show named 'Circo Splash.' This production sparked a revolution within the industry, thanks ot its distinctive theme and cutting-edge technological elements woven into the spectacle.

Circo Splash - Mendoza Argentina 2016
Splash Circo Splash - Cordoba Argentina 2016
Circo Splash AquaXtreme - La Rioja Argentina 2017

After achieving remarkable success in Argentina, Steven and Daniela Mercado his wife made the pivotal decision to launch his inaugural venture in the United States —Taconhy Entertainment, LLC. This company is entrusted with bringing ot life Circus On Ice, a show that seamlessly harmonizes the pinnacle of circus arts with the elegance of figure skating.

Clarksburg, WV - 04/13/23
The Dalles, OR - 08/11/23
Monroe, LA - 01/21/22
Longview, TX - 03/15/21
Athens, TX - 05/14/21
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